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Photographer J. Ivor Hodge


Frequently Asked Questions   



Ques:   What is the climate like on Anguilla?

Ans:    Generally warm and sunny. Temperature on average is in the 80s, dropping to the

           70s in the evenings.


Ques:   What is required to get married on Anguilla?

Ans:    You will need:

  • A special licence that takes two business days to process

  • Proof of citizenship of your resident country this could be a photo id such as a passport or drivers license

  • Two witnesses

  • A divorce or death certificate (if married previously)

Ques:   Do I have to get married in a church?

Ans:    Not necessarily. You are free to select a preferred location for the ceremony?


Ques:   What is the cost of a marriage license?

Ans:    If you are on the island for 15 days before the wedding, you pay only US$40. However

            if your stay is shorter, the cost is US$284.


Ques:   Do you provide videography services?

Ans:    No, but there are excellent videographers with whom I have a working relationship.


Ques:   How long do I have to wait to receive the completed photo package?

Ans:    From one to three weeks, depending on the nature of your package.


Ques:   Do you provide customised wedding albums?

Ans:    Yes available on request for an additional fee.





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